At Everi we create and manage technology platforms powered by automated content that includes events, activities, accommodation and business listings. This content is delivered direct to consumers when they need it.

Without a single source for events, activities, accommodation and business listings, consumers have to rely on word-of-mouth, advertising or searching endless online channels and scrolling through pages of search results.

Everi was created to solve this problem, by delivering a larger consolidation of Australian events, activities, accommodation and business listings. Everi enables consumers to quickly and easily find events they want to attend, activities they want to experience, places they want to visit and businesses they want to buy from.

Everi has partnered with Bookeasy, an Australian owned and operated booking platform with 17 years’ experience powering online and offline booking experiences across Australia, New Zealand and Asia. Bookeasy has over 45,000 tourism operators connected and selling through the system, so expect to see the offering on Everi grow!



You can learn more about Everi at



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